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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I wanted a yarn bowl.  I was thinking of the beautiful ones by Knitwitch.  So I google "yarn bowl."  I find the link I want but also a bunch of links for DIY yarn bowls that look like they would be a fun project with the Kiddo.  I have yarn.  She has balloons.  The farmer bought us glue and we were good to go. 

Above is the picture that is all over the internet when folks talk about making a yarn bowl.  Isn't it pretty?

I read directions from several sites.  They all read pretty much the same.  After all, this is yarn, a balloon, and glue.  It's not rocket science, people.  We cut up a mess of my acrylic yarn.  I use it to make the critters and other assorted silliness, so this is the perfect project for a bunch of it. So far so good.

We get gluing.  Suddenly, there is glue everywhere. (!) I am so glad that I covered the living room floor with rag towels.  The yarn does not want to stick to the balloon.  We are just getting started and already half the glue is gone.  We regroup and downsize to one balloon.  The yarn is sticking to our hands.  There are fuzzies stuck to everything but the balloon.   The kid tries to glue her hands together.  Working together, we get it to stick and stay where we want it.  We are done when we run out of glue.
Ya know?  It kind of looks cool.  It has that dorky, homemade look thing going, on but it still has some charm. We leave it to dry.  It takes 15 min and half a bar of soap to get all the glue off our hands. 

The next day, the kid accidentally knocks it over.  We start to hear these odd hissing, creaking, and snapping sounds as the balloon starts to deflate and pulls the yarn with it.  But only in some places.  The thing is pulling itself apart.  I gently pry the rest off.  We have a yarn something, but it is not a bowl.

I originally wanted this:
I got this:



  1. I won't laugh...okay, I kinda chuckled a bit. Sorry about that. We all have our crafty horror stories. Guess this is one for the books. Good try though! :)


  2. Sorry, I did laugh. A yarn...something...
    But I think it is wonderful that you and your daughter do these things together.