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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treat day...

Blog Hub Swap Day 6: German candy!  The kiddo loves Laura...  The gummy bears were opened before I could get the picture.  She likes them.  I do to.  I was mean and made her wait till after breakfast to eat them.  

Then after lunch, we went apple picking.  The first place we went to was Deer Run Farms.  They have a nice orchard off the beaten path.  Unfortunately, they got hit by a bad late spring frost and lost a lot of their crop.  No u-pick this year.  So we went to another favorite orchard: McLusky Orchards.  Prices were higher this year: $14 for a half peck bag.  The famous place to pick apples around here is Beak & Skiff, but it is a mad house.  They have pony rides, etc.  Cars will back up for half a mile just to get in.  At this point I would only go there on a weekday.  It is too insane on the weekends.  We wound picking half a peck of McIntosh, half a bushel of  Empires, and bought half a peck of  Honey Crisps.  Coming soon to a blog near you...  Many, many apple recipes....

Oh, and we still have 3 jars of applesauce left.


  1. We only got enough apples from our tree this year for one crockpot's worth of applesauce. Such a hard recipe - quarter the apples, cutting out any icky spots but not coring or peeling them, fill crockpot, turn on low for a day with a dash of cinnamon. Run through the food mill at the end of the day. Freeze for later what you don't eat right away. Nom.

  2. I made a trip to Ontario Orchards yesterday, and got some apples and pears. I'm going to try to make the apple crisp this year, adding in some of the pears. I'm not sure how it will turn out, but it's fruit and bad can it be?

  3. Hanuta is one of my absolute faves!