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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is this funny?

The kid came flying down the stairs a few mornings ago and flung herself at me.  She said she had a terrible nightmare.

She and Daddy were riding in the car.  The car fell off a bridge into a deep hole.  Scarey so far...  The car (with her and Daddy in it) got eaten by a big, black dragoon.  Humm.  Could Be scarey.  Then they got pooped out.  Trying not to laugh.  Then they got flushed.  Burying my head in her shoulder so she won't see me cracking up.  The car went through the sewers and out into the ocean where they were eaten by a big fish.  Still laughing...  Then she woke up.

I understand that she was scared and I don't want to minimize her experience.  But.  I think that is a really funny dream.  I have all these these mental images...  Her Aunt commented that the dream is like the circle of life.  Eventually, we all wind up in the ocean being fish food.

She made sure to take her favorite bed companion with her that night.  China Cow has been with her since she was about 5 months old.  China Cow was only allowed to leave the house when we went somewhere overnight.  Mostly, the kid does not really need her anymore, but when she us stressed or in an unfamiliar place China is somehow always there with her.  Sometimes I think about how the toys are alive on Toy Story, and I wonder what the secret lives of kiddo's toys would be like.

I wonder if China would think her dream is funny too?


  1. I can understand that would be a scary dream for a child, but it really does sound funny to an adult! One of my worst nightmares as a child (one I still remember) includes a tractor made oot of bones chasing me! Doesn't sound like much, but it was really scary.

  2. I think China would think the dream was funny! Cause I sure do! It's pretty darn funny, but she obviously has a great sense of reality and how things really work. I can imagine it was hard to keep your laughing contained.