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Friday, September 24, 2010

Goats and Gifts


We don't have goats.  Yet.  The Farmer wants Nubian Goats.  They have a really high fat content in their milk.  They also have a reputation for being really loud in the barn.  You can tell Nubians by their long floppy ears. 

I want the fuzzy ones on top. Angora goats.  So maybe a small heard of Nubians and one or two wethers Angoras.


If you want to read about something that is actually happening and not just my random pipe dreams, go check out Five Cats From Crazy.  Dina was my stalkee in the Blog Hub swap and she is already at day 4 of the goodies.  So far she seems to like her presents.  I'm nervous about the last one.


  1. Those are not goats. They are clearly poodles. You will be really embarrassed if you end up having a poodle farm. And whatever you do don't try to milk them!!

  2. Goats! I want goats! I dont' think government housing would approve though......