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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sourdough Bread Round 2

I'm stubborn.
Audrey spent the last week in the fridge.  Last night I took her out and proofed her.  She did not do much overnight.  Maybe the wild yeast has not hit its stride and the starter was too cool. So once again I cheated and added a packet of Fleishman's yeast. 

Rise #1 went well.  Rise #2 was bad...  It started as a perfect ball of dough and wound up as the  puddle of bubbly goo you see above. 

I dumped it out into a big pile of flour and kneaded crud out of it to get out some of my frustration.  I wound up kneading in a bunch of flour.  Divided it into loaf pans and let it rise a third time for about 45 min.  Better.

The loaves are small and the difference in color accounts for the one one the right baking in a metal pan and the one on the left baking in a silicone pan.  Maybe they would have gotten bigger if I had left it to rise some more.

Eventually I will get this right.


  1. You named your starter Audrey? Is it that scary? I named my butternut squash plant that! She is truly scary - I have harvested 10 squash - went out there yesterday and there's another one hidden under her leaves that I missed. This is not counting the 3 or 4 half ripe ones or the little ones that might or might not ripen before frost. She took over half the front yard and escaped out through the fence and trellised up the fence.

  2. Maggie - It is that scary - did you see that pan of goo? I don't care what Rory says about ciabatta... Your squash plant is the bomb. I'm drooling thinking of all the soups, pies and breads you can make with all of those!

  3. I should mail you one. You could save the seeds and have your own Audrey.