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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Pan Dowdy

6 apples down... Before adding the batter.
We have no more room for apples in the fridge, and have resorted to apple storage in a laundry basket in the kitchen.  The week of hard core apple cooking begins...

I decided to make an apple dish for breakfast.  Surprise!  I was going to make a Brown Betty until I discovered that the bread was a bit furry.  Pan Dowdy it is!  A Pan Dowdy is a cobbler-type recipe, traditionally made in cast iron and served straight from the pan. Most recipes looked a lot like this: Fabulous Foods Apple Pan Dowdy.
Not much to look at, but it sure tastes good!


  1. I have a few apple recipes. PG Message me your email and I'll send you the .doc files.

  2. Okay, I reaaaalllly want to learn to can.