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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carnival squash

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Okay, we did not get that many in the box.  We just got one.  It was very pretty, but what to do with it?  Google is my friend and I started researching recipes.  What is it with adding sugar to carnival squash?

At first I was really interested in the stuffed squash with quinoa recipes, but they all added raisins and honey or maple syrup.  I want savory not sweet.  Then we found: Aggies Kitchen.  The stuffing in their recipe has a lot of similarities to our Utica Greens.  Guess what?   Chard and miziua came in the box this week, so we had Utica Greens on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we had quinoa with the curried mustard greens.  We mixed the leftover Utica Greens with the leftover quinoa and stuffed the squash with it.  We topped it with leftover grated Red Meck cheese from the Pesto Pizza this weekend.  It was great and it cleaned out the fridge.  Love that.

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