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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little bit of redemption

Any type of place where I can buy fabric, yarn, or crafty stuff is dangerous for me.  A year ago (or more), the kid and I went to check out Hobby Lobby.  It was a neat store.  I had recently seen a pattern for making your own pillow cases, so I bought some flannel fabric to make her one.  She picked out flannels in a blue Hello Kitty print and a pink and white stripe.  The fabric got washed, folded, and put up in my sewing room.  There it sat.  The spark of creativity that said "making a pillow case would be a good thing" had left.  I have more unfinished projects than I would like to admit.

This weekend, the kid saw the fabric and asked what they were for.  She still likes Hello Kitty.  I hate that I spent the money a year ago for nothing.  I started researching how to make a pillow case.  I found the original tutorial I had looked at months ago.   Vanilla Joy Pillowcase Tutorial

Last night, the kid was bouncing around making the Farmer crazy, so I decided we would do the pillow case project together.  The stuff I had read said that this would take less than an hour.  With her "help" it took longer, but it was good to spend time together and she got to practice some fine motor skills and get more familiar with sewing.

It was pretty easy and came out very sweet.  The lesson here is to just do it.  Pick up one of those unfinished projects and spend an hour on it.  See how far you progress.  The kid is sleeping with hers tonight.


  1. Oh, so nice! I have unfinished, unstarted, and unidentifiable projects in my craft room as well. I just can't get motivated. I should follow your advice, and just do it.

  2. Did you make the quilt in the photo too?

  3. Hmmm, so what you are saying then is that I should get off my lazy butt and finish some mending/altering of a couple of knitted sweaters that are sitting in the hearth room...except of course when Jack the Golden Rearranger nabs them and drags them to his bed? lol :)