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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cotton Washcloth

I make soap.  I knit.  Why has it never occurred to me to make a washcloth?

I am giving soap to someone for Christmas.  So tonight while trying to decide what to knit next, I decided to try my hand at a lace cotton washcloth.  I have beautifully soft pima cotton left over form the Moderne Baby Blanket project.  Woo Hoo!  Free present!  How hard can it be?

Schicke Hakelei has a wonderful blog with patterns.  Check it out.  I picked her Flying Blocks Dishcloth.

Day 1:  Knit rows 1-15.  Somehow lost count on Row 12, but no one will ever know but me.
Day 2: Knit two of the repeats.  Kept loosing track of where I was in the pattern.  It looks fudged.  Boo.
Day 3: I kept making mistakes.  Ripped it out.

Copied the pattern in size 18 font.  Shaded the alternate rows so it would be easier to see and follow.

I finally got through this pattern.  I would cheer each time I got through the even rows with the right number of stitches.  Still made a mistake in the middle.  Who knew that a washcloth pattern would kick my ass?

I got brave and made a second one.  Had to rip that one out once too.  Started using a lifeline....

Made a third one as a dishcloth.  The pattern is starting to make sense to me and I can "see" what needs to happen as I go.   Unfortunately, having started this sucker 5 times, I'm sick of it.  I can now knit it perfectly, but I don't want to.  *sigh*

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