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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mustard greens

More weird greens.  Mustard greens this week.  Most of the recipes for mustard greens basically braise them. We wanted to do something different.  This is the recipe we found: Curried Mustard Greens from All Recipes.

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You should have seen the dirt in the bottom of the sink after we washed the greens.  I wish I had taken a picture. The get really bright green when you boil them.  Boiling something that resembles lettuce seems odd.

The recipe goes together really quickly.  We served it over quinoa instead of rice.  The farmer roasted the quinoa in a pan first and then cooked in our very own chicken stock.  It was really good.

The Curried Greens were okay.  They seemed pretty soupy in the pan but the quinoa soaked a lot up.  Next time we will cut the greens up a bit.  They turned into long stringy things.  I spun them around the fork like pasta.  This recipe will not be going in the "favorites" box but the flavor was good and it was a nice dinner for a cool, late summer evening. 

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  1. Bacon or ham. Chop them up and cook them with a mess of ham. ask a southerner.