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Sunday, September 12, 2010

1000+ page views!

How cool is that!?  With the new Google Analytics, I can tell that they are not all me.  I just asked the farmer what I could give away to celebrate.  He immediately said: "A cat." and held up Ella.

No, we will not be giving away Ella.  But what?  The only ideas I have are soap (done that) or something small(ish) that I knit.  Maybe, a pair of bed socks.  None of the stuff I cook would transit well.  Could you imagine what the US Post would do if a big jar of tomato sauce broke in transit?  I was thinking about homemade granola, but I haven't even made it yet.  I'm going to and it's gonna be great.  I hope.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, I still want to celebrate with a giveaway.

What would you like better: soap, a pair of warm fuzzy socks that won't fit in your shoes, or what?

Leave me a comment about what you would like and why.  I'm also open to ideas for future giveaways.  The little kid will draw a name next Saturday (9/18) and I will either package up some soap (Scrappy, Summer Vacation, Honey Wheat Beer, and  Tea Tree & Aloe) or warm up the needles for a pair of socks.  I will even ship internationally.

Good luck!


  1. A fish hat. Oh wait that wasn't a choice. I will abstain from entering since I won last time.
    But I would smashing walking around in the Florida heat wearing a fish hat. I could wear it to the beach.

  2. I'm totally into home-made soap. Any scent is quite awesome.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Suzy's GiveAway Bonanza!!!


  3. HI! I just want you to know that I have been catching up on many missed blog posts. My loss, till I read them all.

    Excellent job! I can't find garlic scapes at any of my local grocery stores. You seem to be having so much fun with them. Time to travel to a real store, I guess.

    Oh, and socks.


  4. Soap, as the Hubs loves homemade soap....I'd love a cat, but my parrots might protest...

  5. I stumbled on a link for elf socks. I knew I should have saved that site. I'd love elf socks. Or regular socks. I check out your site every day.

  6. I think your soaps are the best! I vote for soaps. :-)

  7. Congrats on hitting 1000! You sure did that quickly!! I love handmade soaps and that honey wheat beer sounds intriguing!!

  8. Congrats on 1000! Hmmm, soap sounds lovely

  9. I vote for Soap ! I missed your posts on that ...

  10. Soap! No, Socks. no wait soap. no socks. Ok soap! Congrats on the 1000+ hits!

  11. congrats on the 1000 and counting hits! I would go for the soap ;)

  12. I would like the soap as I have lots of socks that I knit. I am following yout too