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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I don't get it.

The cats love those little fur covered mice cat toys.  They will play with them for hours.  But they also love to drown them in their water bowl.  Why?
Oh, you want to know about the swap?  Okay.  More presents from Germany!

Today's gift was squishy and round.  I love yarn.  Shocking, I know.  It took me 10 min to "get" the significance of the colorway as I assumed that the label would not be in English.  Do you "get" it?  I am looking forward to knitting some funky socks.  Thanks Laura!


  1. OK, please tell me you've figured it out. They are coming from Germany.... And there was a big event in the soccer world this year! That inspired quite an array of colorways for this sock yarn line. ;)

  2. Oh, and I should give you all of the little mice I have. My cats could care less about them. They only like the big rat looking ones!