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Monday, June 20, 2011


I knit a curtain.  I know.  I probably need an intervention.  The sun comes in the little window by the stairs and it can be blinding in the living room. 

It's the Bubble Curtain pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting.  I really love the pattern.  It was fun to make.  It blocked beautifully.  I used 4 skeins of cotton yarn that I found at a thrift store.  I did a gauge swatch.  I used every inch.  I kept telling myself it would stretch when hung.  Maybe it did, but not enough.  It would need to stretch by another 5 inches.  I need to find more yarn and make it again.   I'm actually thinking about making it out of butcher's string.

Rats! (Oh, and yes that is soap curing on the windowsill.)


  1. May I suggest an edging around it? Something from the "Over the Edge" books, or a crocheted motif? It's very pretty :-)

    Maybe a lace border sewn around the edges?

  2. I've always wanted to knit a curtain!