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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tarn Satchel

The inside
Sometimes a crafting bug gets in me and does not let go; even when the original project is finished.  That's what happened with the tarn.  Two pink tee shirts got cut up and I only used a little bit of them in the original basket.  They kept calling to me and it seemed like it would be cool to make a satchel type bag for the kiddo.  She really likes pink.

There are not many tarn patterns out there, so again I devised my own.  It's pretty simple construction.

You need: Size 9 circular needles (I used a 32" cable), Size 9 straights, and several tee shirts cut in 1" strips.

Step 1: Decide on your measurements. 
Step 2: Knit a rectangle for the bottom.  
Step 3: Using the circular needle, pick up stitches from the remaining 3 sides.  Mine ended up being 25 stitches front and back and 8 for the sides.
Step 4: knit round and round until the bag measures 2 inches less than desired.
Step 5: Place markers at each corner.
Step 6: Purl alternating rows for the front stitches.  Knit all others.  This makes a garter edging for the front that is less likely to curl.  Do this for 2" and bind off the front 25 stitches.
Step 7: Using straights, knit the 8 stitches from the side. Purl the next row, decreasing 1 stitch at the beginning and end, leaving 6 stitches.   I left all the other stitches on the circular needle as a stitch holder.
Closeup of the flap
Step 8: Continue these 6 stitches in stockinette stitch (but knitting the first 2 and last 2 stitches of the purl rows so it will curl less) until the total strap measures 32".  I worked up the opposite side too so that I could use a different color and have the decrease done.  Fasten each side of the strap together with a Kitchener stitch.
Step 9: Work the back flap in stockinette until it is 2" less than desired.  
Step 10: Work final 2" in garter stitch and bind off.

I think if I did it over I would do the straps in garter because they still really want to curl.  I guess I just need to accept that.  I'm still thinking about attaching a loop and toggle closure for the front.

The kid likes it.  It fits all of her stuff for Theater Class.  At the very least, it is unique and probably indestructible.

If you are interested in another tarn project, also check out: Tarn Basket.


  1. Wow seriously way too cool for school. Love it. Did you line it? Just wondering how much it stretches.