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Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Pie Filling

We made apple pie filling last year using the recipe from Pick Your Own.  I think we got 7 to 10 quart jars.  Even though we thought there was a fair amount of room for improvement with the results, we used them all.  We learned a few things: the Pick Your Own recipe was really spicy.  Also the apples get mushy when we used the spiral cut peeler-coring tool.  The ring slicer works better.   
This year, we went with the recipe from All Recipes.  We made some modifications:  We substituted brown sugar and honey for portions of the sugar.  We also cut back the overall sugar amount because we substituted 6 cups apple juice instead of  part of the water called for.

It made 7 quarts of filling, just as the recipe called for, with a little bit of syrup left over.  It also used 8-10 pounds of apples instead of the 6 it said.  The house smells great.  The bad news is that there are still apples left in the laundry basket...


  1. I kept a basket of pick your own apples in the garage until march one year. I wrapped them in newspaper to insulate. But that was Allentown, PA and it isn't quite as cold as your neck of the woods. Might be worth a few apples to experiment??

  2. I keep telling you - crock pot them, run them thru the Foley food mill, freeze. Yummy and easy.