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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We need to talk about squash.  I swear I have eaten squash at every meal every day for a week and still this is what is all over my kitchen counter.

We made pumpkin bread.  It was great.  There are a ton of recipes out there.  Go try one. 

We roasted a combo of butternut and carnival squash.  It was the perfect side dish for pulled pork.  We ate the whole pan up over the next few days. 

I made a fresh pumpkin pie.  I had mashed the pumpkin but it was still pretty stringy.  I thought that the mixer would do more to break it up and that somehow it would "cook out".  Nope.  Stringy pie.  Good flavor, but the texture was all wrong. Note to self: Run pumpkin through the blender or food processor before making pie.

Then the farmer made Alton Brown's Butternut Squash soup.  Really good and it felt virtuous to eat it. 

All of this is good, right?  Yes.  But here is the deal.  After all of that, we still have squash sitting on the counter..  This afternoon, we pick up the CSA box with more squash.  Someone hold me.


  1. Haven't tried any of these yet, but I NEED to.

  2. That was me - Maggie that said that.

  3. If you have spaghetti squash, you can bake it, pull the "spaghetti" strings out, and saute them in a wok with whatever you like (vegetables, meat, etc).