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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tangledness was the website that introduced me to the idea of "tarn."  I love this!  Folk art!  Yay!   I'm very attracted to the idea that you can take discards and make something wonderful from them.  But, I have to be careful or I would succumb to the temptation to save everything because someday I might be able to make something cool with it.  

So the idea percolated for a bit.  Then the Farmer decided to clean out his closet.  Jackpot!

Cutting the shirts is easy with a rotery cutter and a ruler.  It is even easier with a strip gizmpo the Farmer got me years ago when I was quilting.  You slide the rotery cutter into the groove and can cut many strips without lifting the ruler.  The body of the tee becomes one very long strip.  The shoulders become lots of little ones.

I'm going to make the oven mitts someday soon, but first I want to make a basket.  I found this pattern: Lark Crafts.  I wish it had a picture.   It also does not say how wide to cut the strips...  I decided to knit one instead.  I'm using 1" strips, size 9 needles, and this pattern as a jumping off point.  I can design a basket.  Right?  How hard can it be?

 Stay tuned for my adventures in basket making.  In the meantime, check out Textiles 4 You, another site with lots of tarn ideas and links.


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  1. I have a friend that uses scrap fabric cut into strips then sewn end to end. She then knits the most wonderful rugs that last forever.