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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apple Fritters

We went to The Hollow this afternoon.  It's a pretty cool pumpkin patch.  We didn't pick pumpkins 'cause the garden gave us five this year.  Mostly, the kid played in the corn bin and on the haystack.  While we were there we had apple fritters for a snack.  They were good, but it was $2 for three rings. That makes the cheapskate in me go nuts, especially as we have a fridge full of apples.  It dawned on both of us that we could make fritters ourselves.

Funny, but a Google search for apple fritter brings up the Lafayette Apple Festival on the first page.  Lafayette has a monster apple festival every year on Columbus weekend.  It is wonderful, but completely insane.  Their fritters are to die for.  There are lines of 200+ people waiting for fritters.  The line moves!  They are amazing.

Anyway, this is the recipe we went with:  All Recipes Apple Fritters.  It uses four apples, but it made a ton of fritters.  They were very tasty.  

Update: Day 1 of Apple Abuse

 Not much change yet.  Bottoms felt slimy, so I laid them on their side.

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  1. I love your "Apple Abuse" faces! I recently cleaned out a tote bag that I sometimes use for work. There were some old papers in there, and way at the bottom I found a dried apple. I must have put it in there to eat it at work, and then forgot about it. No smell, no ants, just a perfectly shrunken dried whole apple. I'm trying to find a way to turn it into a threatening presence at work...