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Monday, October 4, 2010

Remember the purple fabric from the swap?

I had some pink fabric left over from kiddo's pillow case.  And, as you will recall, Laura sent me some very pretty fat quarters.  I decided that Sweet Pea could have a second pillowcase and we could have a set too.  

Step 1: Fabric shopping!  We went to Calico Gals.  I love shops like this and I really want them to do well.  I did not want to spend $36 to be able to make 3 pillow cases.  Oh well.  I did not even look at fabric price.  I bought what I liked.  She liked this really fun pig print.

Step 2. Cutting.  Discovered that my old rotary cutter is pretty dull.  Tearing along the grain works really well and is faster.

Step 3. Piecing.  Laura sent me fat quarters, and I needed fabric that was 43" wide.  To make the seems disappear, I mitered them.

Step 4: Sew, sew, sew!  Fought a bit with the machine tension before I realized that the bobbin was improperly threaded...

Here they are on our bed.  The quilt is my Autumn Trip Around the World.  I love this quilt and every year it makes it onto the bed sometime in late September.  In 2003, this quilt won Best in Show at the Oswego County Fair.  I think it needed it's own special pillow cases.

Thanks Laura for the fabric and inspiration!


  1. Wow! What an amazing quilt! Congrats on your achievement. Love the pillow cases and I'm glad you had something you could use the material I sent you for. Knew you would like it somehow!

  2. what an awesome quilt! i love the color combinations. goes great with your new pillow cases:)

  3. LOL you need to make shams to match that beautiful quilt :-)

  4. Beautiful quilt! and nice job on the pillowcases