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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apple Brown Betty

It has been cold and raining for days.  Today was finally sunny with that deep blue Autumn sky.  As I got out of work, the clouds rolled in.  Figures.  I need something to blog about, and I want comfort food. 

I had to make it.  The name intrigued me.  It sounds like such a homey dish.  

I went with The Pioneer Woman's recipe.  Holy Cow, does she have a website!  She also has a simple recipe that did not really mess up the kitchen.  Bonus. 

We decided not to peel the apples.  I also cut the butter down to half a cup.  It did not start to scent the house till the end, probably because the lid held it in.  It does smell good.

It tastes good too.  Simple and very good.  The apples are cooked but not at all mushy.  Look at it when it came out of the oven and then a few minutes later.  It shrunk!

The other good news is that we are down to two full refrigerator drawers of apples.  The end is in sight.

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