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Monday, October 18, 2010

Smores Bars

Sorry I have been away for a while.  Last week was horrible and then I got sick.  Then, to top it off, I could not get Blogger to upload photo.  I decided to wait rather than put up naked posts.  I'll catch you up this week.

Friday night was wet, rainy and cold.  We had a fire in the fireplace.  The Farmer suggested that we roast marshmallows in it.  I suggested we make these: All Recipes Smores Bars.  I cut the sugar down a bit and these were still incredibly sweet.  They were a hit, no one got hurt, nothing got set on fire, and no marshmallow got onto the carpet.

If you want something that is completely devoid of nutritional value on a cold, rainy night when you are missing summer already, these are the ticket.


  1. They seriously look amazing! Wishing the Allrecipes website was working instead of directing me to their Spanish website. But it does this all the time. I will have to check back and add it to my recipe box!

  2. So I remembered this post and I have a friends daughter coming for a "sleepover" tonight! So I decided we would make these! I'll have to blog about it, or tell you how they turned out! :)