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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apple Abuse

We are done abusing the apples. The one on the left got pretty brown on the bottom.  I also found a fruit fly hanging near them.  Lesson learned.  They need to dry in an area that is warmer and dryer than my front porch. Maybe a fan some of the time would help too.  I decided to finish them off with a hour in a warm oven.  I did not want to do that earlier because I did not want to cook the apple and our oven runs warm.  I also did not want to turn on the oven for 3 apples... 

This is how they started...
The Kid's
The Farmer's
We decided to abuse a pumpkin too.


  1. We are an odd lot huh, between abusing apples/pumpkins and fondling fibers...

  2. They turned out amazing! That will definitely be something I keep in my bag of trips for when I'm teaching around Halloween!