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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kid Socks!

Laura sent beautiful sock yarn and a the pattern for Most Basic Kids Socks as part of the swap.  The Kid loved the yarn and I needed a simple project to tote around.  I got almost a whole sock done while I was in Vegas.  The second took a little longer.  Not too long though, 'cause after all, she has little feet. 

Someday, when her feet stop growing, my plan is to give her a pair of socks each year for Valentine's Day.  Nothing says love to me like warm feet on a cold, winters day.
Here they are!
Apple Abuse Day 2:
A little bit of progress.  Not much.

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  1. I love them!!! They turned out wonderful! So glad you were able to put that yarn to good use, and I sure hope she really likes them!