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Friday, November 19, 2010

What makes a good gift?

Christmas is coming and I am making presents.  I get very anxious that the gifts I make will be "good enough."  I really, really, really want the recipient to like them.  I think my work is decent, but I am clearly a hobbyist, not an artist.
I try to think about the person I am making the gift for and what they would like.  I try to make something they would actually use.  I try to do a good job.  Still, I worry.

That got me thinking about my favorite presents.  Ultimately, my favorite gifts are the people in my life.  But, since I cannot give out people, I'm going to focus on stuff.  I think these are my top 9 (could not stop at 5 and did not have a 10th), but I'm sure I will think of other gifts and wish I had included them.

In no particular order:

1. The CRX.  My Dad sold it to me for a dollar.  I loved it.  It was fun to drive and is still my favorite car of all time.
2. The Granny Square Afghan.  The Farmer's Grandmother made it and gave it to me one Christmas.  I love it as an object: the workmanship, colors, and warmth.  I also love it because in a way it symbolizes my acceptance into his wonderful family.

3.  My 
Harmony Wood knitting needles from Knitpicks.  I picked them out but the Farmer and my Dad got them for me.  I love the color of the wood and how they feel in my hands.

4. Kiddo's bracelet.  It's actually mine, but the name makes sense if I explain.  When kiddo was born, the Farmer bought me a silver bracelet with her initials engraved on the outside and her name and birthday on the inside.  I adore it.  The other bracelet is a Mexican silver bracelet from my Dad that I also really love.
5. My bedroom rug.  It is an oriental that is technically a floral, but it is the most geometric floral pattern I have ever seen.  About once a week I walk into that room and see the rug and think "God, I love that!

6. My Kitchen Aid Mixer.  It was a present from coworkers when the farmer and I got married.  It rocks.
7. My Bachelors Degree.  My Dad paid for it and it is a big gift.  It opened so many doors and put me on paths to get where I am now.

8. My sewing machine.  My mom gave it to me when I graduated from college.  I have sewn miles of stitches in the past 18 years. There is a fortune cookie tag taped to it that says "Beautiful quilts are made from rags."
9. My wedding rings.  They symbolize my marriage and family.  My life.
Not sure I like my fingers blow up 11x...
Maybe if I could understand why those object gave me such joy, I could make and give better presents.

What are your favorite gifts?

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