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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stuff in a jar...

I have seen homemade cookies, etc in jars for a long time but I have never gifted them, nor have I ever received one.  Time to try it out.

One of the people on our gift list this year is a little boy.  I look around at all the stuff our kiddo has.  While I'm sure he likes toys, I bet he has lots.  I decided to try to give him an experience rather than more stuff.   Little kids like to cook, and I already made him a fish hat last year; so this this might be something sort-of-handmade that he might appreciate.

These are the three recipes I went with:

It took an hour to put all three together, write up the cards and tidy up.  It also cleaned out my pantry.  I used up the last of the: chocolate chips, raisins, dried cranberries, flour, and brown sugar.  Not bad.  I'm going to try to make him an apron and chef's hat to go with it.

Oh, I can post this 'cause the kid cannot read.

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  1. Those are great gifts. My friend gives them out sometimes, and for people who have a lot of STUFF, they're a great thing to get!