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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Soap

This weekend was really warm for upstate NY in November.  I decided to take advantage of the ability to open windows and make soap.   I made a similar batch this summer.  The Farmer is using it all up at a rapid pace, so I doubled and tweaked it to work with what I had on hand.   This recipe, which is an adaption of Dr. Bob's Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil recipe, is probably the best soap I have ever made, and well worth a recap.  My goal is to give it away for Christmas and have enough on hand to keep the Farmer happy until spring.

Christmas Soap (inspired by Dr Bob)
24 oz lye dissolved in 1,300 g of aloe juice
450 g olive oil
1,300 g palm oil
1,300 g soy oil
1300 g coconut oil
100g canola oil
25 g tea tree oil
75 g aloe vera gel
1.75 oz of peppermint oil with a 15 ish drops of vanilla fragrance oil.

It made 16 of the six oz bars from the loaf mold and 24 five ounce bars from the tray molds.

The Dragon pic is for Maggie.
The house smells like Christmas.


  1. OOOOooooh, thanks for the pic! Love it (and you).

  2. I am toting with the idea of making soap but am a little scared of the lye. Have to say you really inspire me to just go for it.