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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bath Mitt

Okay, so the knit washcloth kicked my tukus.  They also tend to look like dishcloths which is not quite the "spa-like" feel I am going for.  But then I found this pattern.  It's a free pattern from Bernat Yarn Studios but you have to register to see it which is a bit annoying.  I had found some green Lily Cookies and Cream this summer with the intention of making a washcloth.  I really need to be careful about buying yarn before I am ready to knit with it, but this has only been waiting for 2 months, so not too bad.

I'm really pleased with this little mitt.  It took an evening to knit up.  I got a bit confused by the directions to make the thumb, but once I understood, it went quickly and worked very well. I don't think it will be confused with a pot holder.  My only worry is that cotton projects tend to "grow" and I don't want it becoming a monster mitt.

I think I will make a few more for Christmas presents.

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  1. Very lovely. And when combined with some of your soap would be a stellar gift!