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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

We made a Sheppard's Pie last weekend and I considered writing about it, but decided against it.  I thought it was too boring.  I regretted the decision when I overheard two co-workers discussing that they had both also made Sheppard's Pie over the weekend. The season  for casseroles has arrived.  There is something wonderful about meat, vegetables and a starch baked together in layers.  

We also made a Chicken Pot Pie.  Wow, was it better than any of the little, fozen pot pies I remember from my childhood.  The farmer still remembers them fondly.  His Mom used to carve his initial into the top of his before she baked it.  Now it is one of his comfort foods.

I used the pie dough recipe from Smitten Kitchen without the sugar.  Is it bad that I have it memorized?  I doubled it, so it was 10 T of butter and 2 cups of flour blended in the kitchen aide and 2 pinches of salt.  I substituted milk for the water.  It pulled together as dough with about 1/2 a cup.

The Farmer used the Chicken Pot Pie recipe from All Recipes as a jumping off point.  It was the first Google search result but it's rated as 5 stars with 3,445 reviews.  Why keep looking?   He used shredded chicken left over from making stock and mixed frozen vegetables.  We will be making this again.

Chicken Pot Pie and Sheppard's pie are both wonderful ways to clean out the fridge.  They are very forgiving of variations in ingredients and are the perfect meal for a cold November night.