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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ta Da!


We went to get it Monday night.  We walk in and the guy says, "This will take 5 min."  I say: "I need to drive it and take a good look at it first."  He says "Okay", but did he really think I would just sign on the dotted line on a car I have not had a chance to drive or  inspect?  It drives just fine.  We came back, signed a dozen or so documents and I drove it home.  I still like it.

What we did well:  We researched.  The internet is a wealth of information.  We did lots of test drives.  The car buying service was great.  It was a thought out decision. We got exactly what we asked for at the price we asked for it.  We didn't have to sit there through negotiation and wait forever while the sales guy says "Let me run that by my manager."  We all know he is really going for a cup of coffee because it gives him a psychological advantage to make me wait.

What was so so: There was still a lot of emotion in the decision making.  We agreed to purchase a car sight unseen (there were pics but it is not the same).  We forgot to ask for the carfax for a day.  I felt bad that we did not buy from the sales guy that I liked.  We are at the max limit of our budget.  We probably could have found a reliable vehicle for 5k less.  We got a 2009 red, stick shift, Pontiac Vibe with the bigger engine for $14k out the door.  I think that is a decent price. 

What we screwed up: So far, nothing.  In the past, I have always driven off the lot feeling exhausted and like a schmuck.  I drove away tired and headache-y but I think we paid a fair price.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of...

"I can make that!"

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