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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dead or Alive? A post about a hat.

I owe
Day 4: Just keep knitting.  Not sure I like the stripes.
Day 5: First decrease done.  Is he really going to wear this?  Really? 
Day 6: Second decrease done.  Where do you think my size 8 double pointed needles are?  Still worrying about running out of yarn.
Day 7: Went to Saturday knitting and knit like a madwoman.  Used the magic loop technique to deal with the small rounds.
Day 8: Finished knitting and wove in all the ends.

Took a break for a few days.   

 Day 12: Time to work on the eyes.  I like him.  

1st Christmas present made.


  1. The Fish-hat pattern is so cool and you've made all of the hats have their own peronality! I love them! Good job!

  2. I really love these! They are very fun looking, and they look and sound like they are a fun knit:) despite the worrying! :) I may have to make one of these just to have around...:)

  3. Must have fish hat...........