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Friday, August 27, 2010

Skinny Cat Update

It's not her thyroid.   The tests all came back looking beautiful.

They x-rayed her.  No masses but it did confirm just how stubborn and strong she can be. 
Give me the cheese!

More blood work.  No infection.  Stool samples were normal.  Basically ruled out inflammatory bowel disease.  Actually, all of her tests results came back looking quite good.  So why is she getting so skinny?

The vet prescribed Purina Gastroenteric Formula and Flagyl.  She seems to like the Purina.  She is the dominant cat in the household so there is no worries about her getting the right food.  She arrive first and eats what we put down.  We still have to wait several days for the Flagyl to arrive.

The mystery continues.

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  1. Hope Skinny Cat likes her new food. I love her pointy face!