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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buying a Car: Steps 10-12

Step 10: More test drives...
'06 Hyundai Sonata - It was a v6 so it had great pick up.  Unfortunately, the one we drove had a slight shimmy above 55, smelled funny, and was not totally clean.  The interior is a weird two-tone that I did not like.  Otherwise it was fine.
'08 Honda Civic sedan: The past owner had a dog there were scratches and claw marks all over the dash and driver and passenger side doors.  The sterio/clock display read "error one."  The sun roof is cool.  It drives well.

Did not like that dealer.  The guy talked WAY too much, the woman was better but was trying to show me how they are so well priced compared to Kelley Blue Book.  But, she was showing me Kelley Blue Book for excellent condition and neither car we drove was in excellent condition. 

'09 Toyota Yaris - It was a very basic car.  It looked okay on the outside.  The inside was pretty plastic and the windows were crank windows, with manually adjusted mirrors.  Not gonna work for us.  This car is going to have two drivers.  We have a city, one  lane driveway.  So whoever is going somewhere is going to take whatever is parked second in the driveway.  I need to be able to move the mirrors without leaning all the way over the car.  It was loud (road noise) and also just did not feel safe.  

It was a lot like the Toyota Tercel I drove several years ago.  That car was a reliable econobox.  I want to be one step up from that.  Oh, the guy who showed us the Yaris was another pushy car salesman in a shark tank atmosphere.  We could not get out of there fast enough.

'09 Pontiac Vibe: I loved it.  It was red.  I love red cars.  It was nice inside too.  It was fun to drive: nimble, good pick up, quiet.  I did not want to pull over to give the Farmer a turn.  The only things I did not like is that I could not see the dash dials from the passenger seat.  I'm having a hard time being objective about the vehicle.  I just really, really liked it.  Not bad given how suspicious of a defunct brand that I had been to begin with.  Need to research how GM is honoring the Pontiac warranty and how the acceleration recall was addressed.

Step 11:  Step back and take stock.  
Top three lists: 
Farmer: 1. Scion xB, 2. Honda Fit, 3. Pontiac Vibe
Me: 1. Vibe, 2. Fit, 3. tie: Corolla or Scion.  I've taken to calling the Scoin "the toaster mobile." 

Seems like we like hatchbacks better.  Decided not to test drive the Mercury Milan sedan.  We went back to Edmond's and Consumer Reports and looked at more hatch backs...  As it turned out, we did not change the list; but I am glad we looked. 

Step 12 in progress: Research gas mileage and prices. Lining up the top three vehicles side by side.  Reading more reviews.

I really just want the car in the driveway paid for and be done with it.

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