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Monday, August 2, 2010

Zucchini-Potato Pancakes

The farmer made salt potatoes earlier this week.  A whole 5# bag.  For 3 people.  They were good but we had a ton of leftovers.  We got more zucchini in the CSA box this week.  Surprise!  There were also carrots, onion, and a little yellow summer squash in there. 

I had the bright idea to make zucchini-potato pancakes.  I used to have a vegetarian cookbook that had a great zucchini pancake recipe.  I Google it and there are a million recipes out there.  All have the same basic ingredients: shredded potato and zukes, egg, flour/bread crumbs/cornmeal, spices, and maybe Parmesan/Romano cheese.  I can work with that.

Bird in Hand Zucchini-Potato Pancakes
2 small zukes
1 tiny yellow summer squash
1.5 #ish/ 20 or so cooked salt potatoes
1 small carrot
1 small green onion
3 eggs
1/4 c flour
2 T corn meal
2 T seasoned bread crumbs
1/2 c parm cheese

1. Grate zukes and toss with a generous pinch of salt.  Let 'em sit in a colander for 10 min and squeeze out extra fluid.
2. Grate the  potatoes and carrot.  Chop the onion fine.  Dump in everything in a big bowl and mix really well.  The potato will essentially break down into mashed potato consistency - that's okay.
3. Fry in 1/4" of oil in a cast iron frying pan.  It takes 4ish min per side.  Flip when golden brown.  Resist the temptation to mess with them.
4. Drain on a wire rack over paper towels. 
5. Season with salt and pepper and serve with sour cream or applesauce.  The farmer likes hot sauce on his.

Makes 11 good sized pancakes.

One of the recipes had the idea to make a "well" in each pancake and then bake an egg in each "nest."  I think that could be a really good idea for a breakfast someday.

These were really good.  I love it when leftovers become the staple of another great meal.  I think I could substitute actual leftover mashed potatoes this winter and make this again with some of the frozen grated zucchini.  

Guess what I'm eating for breakfast this morning?

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