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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Making a critter

When I re-taught myself to crochet, I used Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker as a guide.  One of my favorite patterns from the book is Bedfellows by Camilla Engman.  When I stopped quilting, it became my 'go to' baby present project for coworkers and friends.  I have made 10 of them (!)

As usual, this baby present is late.  Here is the one I made for this baby's older brother a few years ago.  As you can see, my bear does not really look like a bear.  The face is more mouse like.  I made it in stripes because I was using up the blue and red yarns and did not want to run out in an awkward place.

It usually takes me about a week to make a critter.  There have been too may distractions lately, so this one took longer.  She was worth the wait.
Day 1: Picked out the yarn from my stash, bought a skein of white from Michael's (50% off coupon!).  Made and stuffed the body.  Cleaned up the yarn tails.  I'm going to do stripes again.  All the yarn is acrylic so the critter will be easily washable.

Day 2: Crocheted 16 rounds of the face.  She has a pointy nose.

Day 3: Crocheted 3 more rounds on the face.  My hands are not used to crochet and are a bit achy.

Day 4: 5 more rounds on the face....

Day 5: Nada.  Busy with work, car shopping, soaping, and packing  up baby blankets.  I need to make more money and work less so I can have more time to goof off.

Day 6: Placed the nose and eyes.  I's fun.  It goes from being this weird lumpy thing to a face.  The faces can be so expressive.

Day 7: Did a few rounds on the head.

Day 8: Finished the head.

Day 9: Made an arm. 

Day 10: Made a second arm and a pink foot.

Day 11: One and a half legs done.

Day: 12: Finished!  Went to Saturday morning knitting.  While there, I finished the second leg, sewed on her head and limbs, and made and sewed the ears.  Later in the day, I made her scarf and tail.  Since she turned out to be a mouse, I made an I-cord tail.  I started with a double strand on 5 stitches and slowly tapered it down.  It looks pretty darn mouse like.

On Monday, she will go to her new home.

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  1. These critters are cute - I really must get the hang of reading crochet patterns and give it a proper go. I can physically make the stitches but I always wuss out because I know what I'm doing with knitting so much more! Naughty me.

    I love the stripey mouse, all he needs is a beret and a french stick and I think he'd just scream European :)