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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Buying a Car Steps 13-22


Step 13: Call Credit Union Car Buying Service.  Tell him we have narrowed it down to the: Honda Fit, Scion xB (toaster-mobile), or Pontiac Vibe.  Looking for '08 or '09.  Manual transmission.  Bonus points if it is red.  Gave him the budget. 

Step 14: Call credit union car loan lady to extend car loan authorization as it expires on the 6th.  Leave message. 


Step 15: Look online for xBs, Vibes, and Fits within 75 miles.  Find a red, stick shift, 2010 Vibe with 10,000 miles on it just a bit over our price range.  Drool on keyboard.  It is within 75 miles as the crow flies but you cannot get there from here.  It's at least 90 miles away in the middle of nowhere....  One hour and 51 minutes. 


Step 14: Car buying service calls back with three really promising cars in our budget, including a red, stick shift Vibe with 10,000 miles.  But it's in Vermont.  Maybe they will bring it to one of their sister dealerships in NY.  

Step 15: Leave another message for credit union loan lady.

Step 16: Do rock-paper-scissors to see if we are getting the toaster mobile or the vibe.  Okay, not really.  We reviewed our notes, and went back on line.  We picked the Vibe.


Step 17.  Sick the car buying lady on the dealership.  She gets them to bring it to within an hour's drive of us and gets a final price with tax, tags, and fees that is within our budget.

Step 18: Play phone tag with credit union lady.  Getting annoyed.

Step 19: Deal with guy from the dealership.  He says the plates are not included in the negotiated price.  Is he nickle and dime-ing me?


Step 20: Finally get the car loan lady.  Get the insurance stuff sent to her.  Confirm the loan and set up a time to go get it.

Step 21: Car buying service confirms that the tag fee is legit.  

Step 22: Get the Carfax from the dealership - should have asked for that yesterday...   Arrange to pick it up next week.  His manager forgot to tell him that they were bringing it into New York.  

That was only 3 steps but it took 9 phone calls to accomplish.

I am so ready for this to be done.

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