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Friday, January 7, 2011

How much is too much?

I don't know know what to knit next.  I have yarn.  I've been reading posts on Ravelry about stash flashing and Yarn Diets.  I honestly did not think that I had that much yarn.  I know people who have entire rooms for yarn.  My stash is austere by comparison.  Isn't it?  I'm not so sure anymore about when "enough" becomes "too much" or even "Holy Cow!"

I have acrylics.  I use them for critters and projects for children.
I have a little pile of alpaca.  I love alpaca.
I have cotton.  The pile of pink balls is earmarked for a tank top.  The bag of blue might become a second.  The rest is leftover from two baby blankets and bath mitts.
I have a few wool blends.

I have a LOT of wool.  It's Elizabeth Zimmerman's fault.  There are balls for two sweaters.  The rest is random skeins.  Mostly Paton's Classic Wool.  I cannot resist it when it goes on sale.
I have even more sock yarn.  I love Zauberball and Happy Feet yarn.  I also bought two skeins of Cosmic Fibers Yarn last week.  Basically, I have yarn designated for 4 pairs of socks.  The rest is for the blankie or random.
Is it too much?  I looked at all of it and I still have no idea what I want to work on.  Sigh.


  1. I do not think you have to much and quite frankly I don't understand the concept of too much yarn. I mean an painter much have paints, a fiber artist much have fiber.

  2. I never thought about how much yarn I have until I saw your photos of your stash all together in one place. I have a basket full of yarn here, a bag full there, another basket of sock yarn on a shelf... I'm afraid if I put it all together...YIKES! I guess I need to knit more and collect less!