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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canvas Tool Wrap #2

Oops.  The pockets on the first wrap faced the wrong way. 

So, here is is again.
It measures 29.5" long by 26.5" wide.  The flaps measure 6".  Each pocket is 5 and 3/8ths inches deep.  The center section between the pockets is 2.75".   For each row of pockets the far right pocket is 3".  The remaining eleven pockets are 2".  It means that as the tools are facing each other, the openings of the pockets are offset.  Tools will go in handle first so the blades of the tools will lie exposed between the handles of tools in their opposite pockets.  Does that make sense?  The blades are then protected by the flaps.  The ties are 42" long.  I didn't sew the ties on first so I had to secure them by over sewing the pocket seams.  

I got the ties 20 years ago.  They came holding a futon into a roll.  They have traveled a long way waiting for the right project.  I really try not to save stuff like that because I think I could become a hoarder of stuff that has crafty potential if I am not careful..  These have escaped multiple purges.
Placement of the pockets on this one was tricky.  What I did was cut the  canvas 1.5" larger than the finished dimensions.  Then I folded it in half and pressed a center crease.  Everything was measured off the crease.  It worked.  The machine actually went through 6 layers of canvas in a few places.  It went slowly, but it went. 
I like it.  I hope my Dad does too.  I wonder if he would give me the original back?  It would work really well to store my DPNs.

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