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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hope for Raspberries!

From last year's picking expedition
A friend from work has black and red raspberries running amok (love that word) on her property.  Her husband's great grandfather supposedly developed the cultivar back in the 20's.  They are working on landscaping their property and some areas where the canes are growing are going to be mowed down, so she has invited folks to come dig up what they want.  Supposedly, you are supposed to transplant raspberries early in the spring when they are dormant.  We are a bit late for that, but I want berries and the opportunity presented, so I jumped at it.   
We came home with about 20 viable plants and some root stock.  I planted them about every 2 feet along  fence line and watered them like mad.  They will get full sun there and can be contained on both sides.  Our neighbor knows that they will try to spread into his yard and is fine with it.  I think us telling them that they can pick too eased any objection they might have.  I'm guessing that I may lose a fair number of plants, but if I can get any established, I can corral them so that they can propagate.

Hopefully, this particular experiment will work and we will have a berry hedge!  If we are really lucky, the birds will leave is a few berries too.
Oh, my friend also has lots of rocks and kiddo was invited to take as many as she would like.  She found a really cool one that I think is a geode and maybe is also a fossil?  It has stuff on the sides that look like shell imprints and tunnel carved out of one side and a similar sized hole going about 1.5" into it.  She had fun excavating the mud into the kitchen sink.  Should we crack it open?

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