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Monday, June 27, 2011

Juggling Pigs!

What is the deal with the mandatory present for your child anytime you go away?
I traveled to Houston for work last week.  I did not buy the kid a present while I was there. She is with Grandma this week,so she does not know that yet.  When I went to Vegas for work last fall, she asked for a Barbie doll.  I was limited in where I could go, but I looked hard for a Barbie-type doll.  I struck out.  I wound up buying her a Stewardess doll in the airport.

I flew to Houston on Wednesday and back home on Friday.  The hotel was not in a location where I could walk to shopping and honestly after spending the day with 200+ people, I really don't want to go shopping.  One of my peers did and said really all she found were things that she could purchase at home.  She probably wound up picking up something for her kids at the airport.  I thought that was my plan too.  I knew I was going to have a 2+ hour layover in Atlanta so I held off, thinking I could pick up something for Sweet Pea then.   Then thunderstorms hit Atlanta.  My plane circled around for almost an hour before diverting to Montgomery, AL to refuel.  Then, we sat on the ground in Montgomery for almost 3 hours.  Good news: my flight to Syracuse was also delayed  almost four hours.  Bad news: after 10pm, everything in the airport is closed.  I got home at 3:30 am.  No present.

Then next day once I finally came to, a friend put up a reminder post that there were only 5 days left in the amigurumi challenge.  She posted pics of cute, fluffy, mini creatures.  She also posted a link for 3 pages of projects that you could make with 50 yards or less of yarn.  I clicked the link.
I ended up making a Juggling Pig.  After about row 17, the pattern becomes a bit confusing.  I didn't purl anything or turn and just followed the decreases.  I picked up 5 stitches and decreased on the first and last two stitches of  the front side to make the pointy ears.  I did slip stitch crochet to make the curly tails.  The snout is over-stitching.  The yarn is the pink yarn that kiddo and I Kool-aid died over Christmas break.  They are stuffed with white northern beans.
I think that these little guys are cooler than almost anything I could buy in an airport.  Learning how to juggle with the kid will be a new adventure.


  1. Too cute! My son juggles a little bit. Maybe I should learn to knit those. (I can cast on and knit but that is all)