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Sunday, June 19, 2011

CSA Season

Most of our haul...The kid ate the popcorn
Mint is growing well
We decided against joining a CSA this year.  I'm glad we did it last year.  We learned a lot.   We decided that instead we will make weekly trips to the Farmer's Market.  We can choose the produce that we want to eat, and ensure that the quality is good.  The cost last year averaged out to $25 a box.  We set that as our weekly budget for the season.  Our goal is local, fresh food.  Between the market and the garden, we should be set.

Green pepper in the garden
Yesterday was our first official trip.  How did we do? 
We have an apple!
kale: 2 bunches $4
eggs: 2 dozen large $4
garlic scapes: 3# $5
apples: 4 for $1
peanut butter: 1# $5.50
bread: $3
kettle popcorn: $5

Total: $27.50

Cost wise, we came in close.  The popcorn was an impulse buy, and while it was quite good.  I would not have agreed to get it for the kid had I known the cost in advance.

We got some stuff that we would not have been able to get from the CSA.  But we will eat the eggs, bread and peanut butter.  As an aside, Martin's peanut butter is the best peanut butter on the planet.
We also got some stuff that I'm pretty sure is not local.  Apples are not in season here.  I'm not sure kale is either. Everything else is. 

We supported small businesses.  We had fun checking things out. Oh, and it all tastes good.

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