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Friday, December 31, 2010

She really, really wanted to learn how to sew....

Kiddo decided that she wanted to learn how to sew.  She kept asking, so it was more than a passing "I want that."

I suggested that she start with a pillow case because it is all straight lines.  We pulled up the Vanilla Joy Pillow Case Tutorial and wrote down what we would need.  On Wednesday, while picking up white wool yarn to dye, I also picked up 70% off Christmas Fabric.  Score!

We put the foot pedal on a stool for her and we were off.  She did really well controlling the speed.   Sewing the line where she wanted it to go was a bit more challenging, but she hung with it and got a lot better as we went along.

We had some technical difficulties.  Irons are hot.  Really hot.  The bobbin compartment got gummed up with lint and stopped cooperating.  Note to self: clean out and oil the machine.  The thread kept breaking.  Note to self: old (really old) thread dries out and gets brittle.  It got a bit frustrating for a while there.

But check out the results!
I think she likes it.
Mommy and Daddy's

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