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Monday, December 27, 2010

Canvas Tool Wrap #1

My Dad is a carver.  He sent me the specs for the wrap last May.  I procrastinated.  A lot.

First, the sewing machine was buried.

Then, I did not have the right fabric. 

Then, I was making/doing something else.

Finally, I ran out of excuses and had to bite the bullet and just do it.  

The specs are pretty specific.  The machine had some issues going through multiple layers of canvas, and the corners are not the best, but it will work.  Once again, quilters tools came in handy for measuring and marking the tool slots.  A chalk marker was also really helpful.  I had to make the ties out of denim because there was no way that the machine would handle 5 layers of canvas.  I think they came out okay, and I'm even happy with the stitched initials.  
Happy Birthday Dad!
The back
The inside
The ties

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