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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knitty's French Market Basket

Pre blocking - Looks like a bathing suit
I adore this bag.  It is just the right size, and stiffness/floppyness.  It can be round or square depending on how it is blocked.  It is simple to make.  I knit around and around and around for 6 or 7 weeks on my daily shuttle rides to and from work.  I don't like sitting still, waiting.  Knitting makes it okay.
Blocking - I love how square it is!

The stuff in it is almost all home made.  There is a jar of granola, a jar of jam, a jar of scone mix, a jar of tomato sauce, Christmas soap, and a knit washcloth and bath mitt.  I bought special pasta at the Farmers Market to go with the sauce.  Hopefully, in a few days, the Creta Lace Socks will be done and ready to go in. 
How much stuff can I cram in here?
The basket holds a lot of stuff.  I like it.  I hope she does too.
A lot!