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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My legion of minions....

Ha!  The monsters are finally done!  If you haven't alreasy, go check out Danger Crafts.  I think I want to knit one of everything.  In the meantime, meet Holly, Ivy, and Steve.

Holly is the easist to knit.  She comes together pretty  quickly.
Holly #3
Holly #3
Ivy takes a bit more time and she has more accessories.  She is the biggest too.
Ivy #3
Ivy #1
Ivy #2
Steve is a fiddly guy.  Between the color changes and his itty bitty parts there were moments where I was hanging onto the dpns for dear life.  I do like him as a cyclops though.


  1. Love it! They are wonderful. The whole cyclops thing is perfect.

  2. I want to cast on a hundred of those RIGHT NOW!

  3. What a gorgeous gang of monsters! Cyclops are definitely my favorites!

  4. Wow, you've got a monster farm going there. They're all super cute (and creepy)!