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Monday, December 20, 2010

But, will she wear it?

One of my coworkers flipped when she saw one of the little kid fish hats lats year.  She has hinted (broadly) that she wants one.  I sent her the pattern.  Maybe one of her friends could make her one.  Nope.  I suggested she learn how to knit.  No go.

Soooo.  Here it is.  I made it with Lion Brand Amazing that like Noro has long gradually changing color changes.  I made the mouth and fins with a pink/purple skein.  I made the body with a green skein and a green/brown/burgundy skein.  I like how the stripes shift. 

Hopefully she will like it too.  This is my fifth one and I still have fun making this pattern.

Okay.  I think she likes it.  She is wearing it.  In fact, she is running around the hospital with it on.  It actually kind of matches her outfit... 

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  1. No pic of her wearing it? Shame. Thought you knew better than that.