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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chef Hats

Skiptomylou is a really neat website with tutorials on how to make all sorts of kid related stuff.  Her chef hat tutorial is excellent.  I made two to go with the aprons.  One for the the little boy who is getting the cookie mixes in jars.  The other, of course, is for kiddo.  But I admit, I sort of want one now too.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a pastry chef.   I bet I would have had some cool hats...

Because I already had the fabric from the shirts, the total cost was about $9 for interfacing and velcro.   But, I have enough of both left over to make four more hats if  I wanted.  I also had to improvise a compass to make a 18" diameter circle.  i took a piece of yarn and tied it to two pencils with 9" of string between them.  Then I put one in the middle of a piece of newspaper and drew a big circle around with the other.  It's not a perfect circle, but it works.  Gathering the circle fabric was not as easy as you might thing, but it all got in there. 

It probably took me about 3 hours total to make the two hats.  I'm really happy with them.

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