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Sunday, July 4, 2010

We can buy a pig!

Our local CSA sent out an email that they have 12 pigs for sale.  $75 deposit.  We have toyed with the idea of buying local, grass fed meat, but it is expensive and sometimes our cheap-skated-ness overpowers our better judgment. We call for more information and these are the Farmer's notes.

$4.50 a pound "on the hook"
Half a pig is 75-100#
Whole pig 150-200#
sausage and bacon are more expensive.

So give or take $465 for half a pig.  How much meat is that?  How much is that per usable pound of meat?  How do we turn that into bacon?

 The Farmer decided to do some research.  He found the Eat Wild site.

We think we are gonna plunk down our money with these folks: Happy Hooves Organic Farm.  We are thinking that half a pig and half a cow should have us in meat for most of a year.  The upfront investment is daunting.  Half a small cow is 300# on the hook.  So at $3.35 a pound, we are still talking a grand for beef.  Add another $400+ (I want sausage and bacon!) for pork.  The Farmer (who does the shopping) thinks this is still a good deal.

Sorry, not gonna post any picture of happy cows or pigs to go with this post.  We are doing our best not to name them...

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