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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Harvests

 I am trying my hand at drying lavender.  There was more out there than I thought, but I did not want to take too much and hurt the plant.  I also probably waited too long to cut it, but it still smells good.  Not sure if I will use it in a sachet or soap.  Supposedly, once the dried buds are removed, you can burn the stems in the fire place and they will gently scent the house.

I also cut back the basil the first time tonight.  I think by the time I was done, you could smell basil through the entire neighborhood.  I was about half way through pulling leaves off when I remembered to take a picture.  

I buzzed it in the mini chopper with some olive oil.  It is amazing how that overflowing basket became one baggie of chopped basil.  There have
been so many years I have grown basil with the best of intentions. This year we are actually preserving it. This blog is helping with that. Thank you. 

It does look like basil doesn't it?  I hope so.  I really don't ever want to have to explain baggies of green stuff in my freezer.

 These are my favorite "harvest" so far.  I love daisies.  These were the ones knocked over during Friday's heavy rain storms.  They seem messy and beautiful; and just happy.

Speaking of beautiful, what do you think of this?

Yeah, I don't think it's beautiful either.  But it runs, it's ours, and it is warranted for a year.  That is a thing of beauty.

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