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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homemade Pizza

The kid has been asking for pizza for a week.  Frozen pizza is not worth it in my opinion.  We decided we could make one for way less than delivery and it might be fun. 

We found this recipe for dough: Pizza Dough III.  4.5 stars for 400 reviews is good in my book.

Here is are the before and after dough pics.  The kid is trying to wrap her mind around the idea that yeast is alive.  But she loves the idea that all the air pockets are little farts.

The farmer bought a can of pizza sauce for the adventure.  I am going to can pizza sauce when the tomatoes come in.  If I can make tomato sauce, I can make pizza sauce.

The kid likes pepperoni.  I don't know why, because she invariably picks it off.   I like sausage and mushroom.  We compromised and went half and half. 

Bummer.  It was too doughy.  Good, but it could be so much better.   It has the potential to be easy, cheap, and great.   

We tried again today with some changes: more flour (2.5 cups), a hotter oven (400-375), and we used one of the cookie sheets to get a bigger pizza with a thinner crust. 

Much better.  Now to research sauce recipes...

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