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Sunday, July 25, 2010

More wierd greens

This week we were supposed to get bok choi, chicory greens, and mizuna.  I have heard of chicory, but I thought is was a root that folks in New Orleans roast and add to coffee.  Never heard of people eating the greens.  And what the heck is mizuna?!   At least we knew what bok choi is.  Of course we cooked it before we took pictures, so I had look on Google for images...

When we planned the menu, we decided to use the chicory greens in our Utica Greens variant. Unfortunately, the chicory was a no show for our Pod.  Maybe Grindstone did not have enough, maybe they were not ready,  Dunno.  But, remember the beets?  Those babies came with these beautiful green and purple greens attached.  Supposedly, beet greens can be substituted for Swiss chard or spinach.  Add some of the mizuna to round it out, and Utica Greens went back on the menu.

The remaining mizuna and bok choi landed in a stir fry.  Not very creative, but still very good.  Oh, mizuna is a Japanese green that is described to have a mild, peppery flavor.  It can also be used in soups and salads.

So, for those keeping track, the weird greens we have eaten since joining the CSA are: Swiss Card, radish tops, kale, tatsoi, more chard - rainbow this time, bok choi, endive, more kale, mizuma, and beet tops.  Most of which we have never cooked before.  It might even be fair to say that we have eaten more bitter greens in the past six weeks than we have in the past six years.  It has been a learning experience.